Example Nation of Haps Island

The tax coupons are printed by local government initially and given to the federal government for the amount of annual federal taxes for each local government. Or, in an emergency, the federal budget estimate is split between each local government. The federal government then spends these on products and services for federal governance per the amount for each of local government area businesses. Local business then pays local taxes using these in part, totaling the federal tax for each local government if possible, as if these are not spent during the year they may not be spent in the next year twice. In the emergency case as well, income tax, usually deducted from pay cheques, is then payable to federal government as part tax coupons. As well in the emergency case, sales tax collected is also payable in part as tax coupons. Normally, (non emergency case) sales/income tax going directly to the federal government is used to pay for goods and services by the federal government when a business already has enough coupons to pay their estimated local taxes and also where the federal government has under budgeted in the emergency case.

an island
				nation with 6 area's a stack of color coded coupons on the
				center one with one of each on the others

Printed by Northville Local Government

Printed by Westville Local Government

Printed by Southville Local Government

Printed by Eastville Local Government

Printed by Furrowsville Local Government

Received by Porttown Federal Government

These could be combined with other initiatives, for example the decommissioning of income tax plus a goods and services tax for the federal government along with a local government sales tax these two added to make up part or all of the difference in the non emergency case. Sales tax would then have for example GST and PST added as is the case in Ontario Canada. Out of the GST then could come an optionally gifted federally printed tax coupon exchange with the United Nations, to fund UN legislation. If governance is not funded by us, someone else will. Also note that this provides a free part of budget for the federal government in the first year of it's implementation. In the emergency case it provides a free full year's budget, also, the emergency case creates two other special considerations. Firstly cash will be needed for large contractors working principally for the federal government, this attainable by selling coupons as a tax discount to businesses who did less or no business with the federal government. Secondly, low production years would not be able to absorb the full predicted budget. The leftover coupons would not be spendable.

Please feel free to use tax coupons with no strings attached bi-directionally vs. the author.

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