Scalable Triple Authenticated Elections by Web and Punch-cards

By using triplicate numbered punch cards for elections that are authenticated by the three parties with the most to gain out of the electoral process, it may be feasible to say that there would be less opportunity for cheating voters, candidates, and the representative system itself, out of a fair share and benefit from the valuable electoral process. Here what follows proposes such a process for evaluation. Please feel free to re-distribute this document with it's checksum or derive any works from it.

Pre-vote (2 phases during 1 month plus advance submission window): [voter choose your team]

There are so many potential candidates, yet only one position to fill. By having a pre-season, this narrows the race to the most endorsed candidates for duties as your government representative, without relying on parties and special interest to choose them for you. The final vote part below can still work without a pre-vote, however, with this method new coalitions formed will be more-so weighted towards issues vs. entrenched special interest. Here is the to-do list:

phase 1
phase 2

Final vote:(determinate period) [vote for your favorite]

The pre-vote has now completed (if mandated). All final candidates now play-off against each other to win the seat as your representative in government. The to-do list is as follows:

When voting, instead of a bingo ball where everyone arrives at leisure on election day, a different, even more authenticated method may be used, thus producing legal physical evidence of the vote result. For important elections this may be best.

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