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IKUHL (Token Tile Exchange account 092 832 743 233 00)

Search for and click on tiles to buy sell or bid on them.

Account Holder: D. P. Can City: All

9347 Hakzor, 1188 Hunterwasser, 3 Swizcen

Address: Units: 7505
				plan for this unit with each tile clickable.  Some are owned by
				account holder and have a golden token thereupon with white
				background.  Tiles with available tokens are white while tiles
				with sold tokens are indigo blue

Token Tile description history

Buy Sell Bid
bid: 86,345.94 floor price: 71,280.00 ask:
Balance: 2,138,400.29
TTE token record

Hosted/Audited by: BANK CO
Token owner: D. P. Can
Address: L.A.City 1188 Huntrewasser
Lease tile: 7505/36 (66 year /w ext) 

Desc: A fully refurbished heavy duty unit, large windows, view.
Size: ((15 * 8) + 4)m^2
Issuer: 8903404782 LTD. 2876 Gossamer Blvd. Unit 7B LA CA 90022
Server stamp: 134ec85430e7d83b134af34cc89b73c2 15/04/25 04:48:00

Floorplan is depicted in a minimal excluded wall form.

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