Example depiction is of a triplicate receipt book from fictional lease token issuer "Harvs Complex Bldg-2" with 5 forms, each of a maximum value of 100 investment grade tokens.

Here the first form out of the book is shown with the 3 copies separated.

A bluish purple
				covered recipt book with golden lease token for Harvs Complex
				building 2 with five times maximum one hundred tokens
				triplicate receipts White copy one of
				triplicate receipt with number, code, maximum tokens rule,
				account holder name and account number, issuer name, and number of
				tokens exchanged plus date and signature line Green copy of receipt Yellow copy of receipt

Copies A (White) - express mailed to Harvs after applying, and B (Green) - retained by the receiver, compare exactly on exchange at Harvs or the opening of an account at Harvs. These once issued and accounted for represent the transfer on the books at Harvs where given that Lease Tokens are legal locally. This could be done by mail if an account already existed, or otherwise in person.
Copy C is kept by in this case L. G. Yearsly, the fictional token owner with account 57835.

Harvs should issue self addressed envelopes for mailing in copy A with a coded number so that if any missing and unnoticed receipt's were applied, the expected envelopes would be unavailable (in a separate location from the receipt books).

It is important that the maximum number of tokens one can trade with one receipt is clearly marked. At any time the account holder could carry up to their total number of tokens worth of triplicate receipt's by topping up their supply of these with added appropriate valued books.

Moving to a digital account the account holder would have to retire from their use of these as they must be exclusive for given account.

A bi-weekly publication could be issued by a press outfit at Harvs to peddle the token to local towns and cities. If the pertinent part of the token database is dumped as text into html pages, the web version and printed versions of triplicate receipt book accounts could sync.


For each account in the data a line as follows across n printed columns

Acct#       Current total tokens  Average 365 day token balance  Lowest Day
57835       1824.03783949         2205.45037302                  1579.02374826

Cross checking balances by calling in for large purchases/trades would need to be mandatory, as well as checking the web, meanwhile an account holder could be insured for a smaller amount times the total number of form's maximum they may carry.

The publication of the hard copy version also represents an opportunity for further holistic interest with the addition of advertisements for Harvs lease holders and local feature businesses, along with interesting written works / press.

Harvs would also possibly want to keep a supply of cash on account perhaps a Bitcoin account as well to buy back tokens that find new market acceptance, where the receipt bearer would rather not sell/trade tokens on the open market where they could a perhaps get a better price later. If you run out of cash to exchange for your tokens and there is a panic, you can rest assured that your lease holders will bring a quick recovery when the token dips below floor value.

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