Token Tile Debit (Lease Tokens)

50 meter square building with 50 floors leased at 90 dollars per square meter per month times 12 months over 33 years produces 4.455 billion lease value derivative token tiles shown stacked in a server at BANK CO example bank.

a rack server with a stack of
				token tiles therein a stack of currency notes
a large bank building
				50 meters square and 50/100 floors highlighted Beautiful golden digital token
				floating on an indigo tile

Card holds only tokens (as shown), or tokens and a workable local currency. Token demand sums into token cost while the local lease rates determine a floor price for the token based on lease availability. At the outset of every lease valuation period, the value of the token begins to depreciate unless a period extension is pre-arranged.

silver card with light
				 indigo letters reading IKUHL and a black card number

Fictitious BANK CO token option card

A token might be created for a tile owner, ideally locally, by a bank or debit company, or self created with some form of auditor/insurer (see below links), these then issued to tile owners as an account. In this example BANK CO must audit the tiles periodically, however since these tiles are in BANK CO's building this should be easy. Other buildings where their units are leased by businesses/organizations in the local area may also join in with BANK CO's providence through haggling with BANK CO for the price of provision of the debit mechanism, the server, the auditing, and the reputation.

Any token might be retired by it's issuer (the tile/building owner) before it expires, by first acquiring the set of those to cover the implied lease space, then having tiles representing given unit and their respective tokens removed from the data. This might require a clause for this exceptional case allowing the occasional mandatory swapping of tiles issued from the same building.

Where the lease exists as a hard copy of parts, as in the adjoined practical example, the building owner needs to acquire the necessary tokens to reclaim given lease space unit(s) and then keep them or remove them from the data. They can perhaps swap for equivalent tokens in the same building.

For a digitized token account where there are more than one lease token type/set available, when any specific token in the data is purchased there is an understanding that if the tile owner in a rare case claims all tokens back, to change providers for example, a premium is paid by the tile owner to the token owner and a pre-arranged set of comparable tile based tokens hosted by the provider is used to replace the token owner's tokens. Tile owners reclaiming all of their tokens may need to wait some time, as their tokens may be desirable as investment, and comparable tiles to swap for them may be limited in given provider data.

Without summing token demand biasing, the derivative value of a lease tile and thus it's pre demand token value is given by the formula:

(a + c) * .5 * o / n


  • a = average per tile lease rate for a single period since token was created
  • c = current per tile lease rate for a single period
  • o = number of 1m^2 (or yard) token tiles currently occupied in the building
  • n = number of token tiles in a single building

The modeling for this form of token of value has not yet been attempted as of today so this formula may need adjustment. Local leglislative support may also be at issue with this formula as well as with the important formula discussed in the F.A.Q. link below in question 8.


A program could possibly be written to run on existing bank servers and act as either a chequeing or savings account. If both account's held tokens, the savings account could be for holding and buying tokens while chequeing could be for selling (trading out) tokens, these fragmenting down one at a time. One could then transfer these back and forth online. Many ideas are discussed in below links for various solutions like the Token exchange webform that sell these tokens a different way.

Hopefully the best solutions will arise early. Email with ttd in the subject line for more info, or if you need software written, I may be able to help.

A practical example (Lease Film)

Further marketing potentialities

Frequently Asked Questions

Token exchange web form


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